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Tippy 2020 The Team Lucy Postgates Riding School Lewes Sussex image
Tippy is a posh horse, born in 2000. Her real name is Kir Royale. She began her life doing the AQHA showing circuit where she was reserve champion in a class for yearling mares.

Since arriving here in 2005 she has let us know, in no uncertain terms, that she does not like showing, does not want to be looked at, paraded, petted, or have anyone sharing her personal space. She just wants you to get on with your chores – feed, muck out, water, groom if you must, then GO AWAY.

Tippy has little patience with us humans. She is, however, the kindest, most doting mother to her own daughter, Scout.

Having said all that, Tippy does enjoy her work in the riding school. She likes being busy. Her enthusiasm and smooth Quarter Horse action make her a popular ride both in the school and out on the downs.

And yes, Tippy is very fast over quarter of a mile!